Building Upgrade

The building was built in the early 1970’s. As you would appreciate over time the building needs to be maintained. RSBB will be given a new agreement, until November 2028, for the building that will give us the responsibility of looking after the actual building.

So what do we need?

The building needs to be insulated from the outside to protect it from the elements.

The windows either need to be replaced or properly sealed so that water no longer leaks into the building.

Update on the windows at the front of the building, we have had cladding installed above the windows in November 2021. Since that time, we have not had an issue with water leaking through the tops of the windows.

Upgrade the fire escape.

This is now in progress as we have been donated some stairs.

These are but three of the items we need to raise money for to be able to keep up with the maintenance of the building.