Below are a list of courses we aim to run in the future. Some of these will be the full course and others will be extra training sessions on items our members feel they need more practice with.

The calendar will show the next event, when you switch the view a Month at a time you will be able to see more of the activities. You will need an account to be able to book an activity. Select an activity, then the amount of places. You will be sent a confirmation email and payment details within 48 hours. If there are no places left on a course, please use the “Contact RSBB” form to be placed on the reserve list.

Note to Club members: When courses are being run you will NOT have access to all of the the building.

RSBB Course prices for Start Power Boating, Member £240, Non-Member £280.

If you are a member of another club at the Welsh Harp you will need to prove from which club you are from, to be able to pay for the Non-Member fee. The start Power Boating or Power Boating log books are not included in the price. When applying for a place on the course, please let us know if you also require the books.

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